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The Relais Il Mulino is also a farm of Giorgio Aversente, with an agritouristic restaurant for tasting products and selling the delicacies produced on the estate. In addition to comfortable rooms and apartments for guests' stay and relaxation, the farm is the real added value. The center of Giorgio Aversente's farm, the eighteenth-century mill, has been renovated and become a highly appreciated agritourism residence thanks to a skillful reconstruction.

Selling local products

The fertile land of the Piana di Sibari, respectfully cured and loved, cultivated in the name of nature and breeding, offers vegetables, fruits for delicious jams, milk for exquisite dairy products and cheeses, extra virgin olive oil, wheat for fragrant bread and home-made pasta, delicate and tasty meats, stuffed with Calabria red pepper. Guests can both taste and purchase the products of the estate.
alcuni tomini di formaggio
campo coltivato

Riches of land and sea

The riches of the earth are combined with those of the sea, where catch of the day comes from. The laid table is enlivened by wine glasses from the selected vines of the Giorgio Aversente farm. At Il Mulino's restaurant, the dishes prepared by our chefs are accompanied and enriched with 100% extra virgin olive oil extracted from hand-picked olives, as was done historically. The agritourism of the farm, the splendid ancient olive grove of the Giorgio Aversente farm, offers the production of high quality oil from careful cultivation, a delicate harvest at the beginning of the ripening period, and a squeezing that releases the maximum aroma.
Our products are the pride of our land: contact us to know the Calabrian specialties we produce!
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