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In Corigliano Calabro, Relais Il Mulino is an excellent starting point for exploring the natural and historical sites of the province of Cosenza.  Art, history, events, itineraries, excursions, sports, traditions and flavors are here to welcome visitors to a unique vacation.
Every season is ideal for visiting Cosenza and its surroundings, thanks to the typical Mediterranean climate and the artistic, historical, and cultural beauties that are present. Located in the prestigious Palazzo Arnone, the National Gallery of Cosenza is worth seeing as it documents significant moments of Italian art, especially in the South.

The province of Cosenza

The territory of Corigliano Calabro is an important center of the Southern Ionian Cosenza.  It sits at the hills of the Presila that reach up to Mount Serratore, the wide flatlands of Piana di Sibari, and the coastal area that houses, among other things, an important commercial and tourist port. Of particular importance in this area is the cultivation of citrus fruits, in particular clementines, a local variety of DOP-branded mandarins.
Not far from Il Mulino is the archaeological area and the Sibari Museum; the city of Corigliano with the imposing Ducal Castle; the city of Rossano and its Diocesan Museum where the Codex Purpureus is kept; one of the most illustrious examples in the panorama of Italian industrial museums, the Giorgio Amarelli Liquorice Museum. About fifty kilometres away, the medieval village of Altomonte; just over an hour away is the Pollino National Park or to the South is Sila National Park. In Vaccarizzo Albanese is the Costume Museum, and Ori Arbëreshë, which hosts the permanent exhibition of the splendid festive and daily costumes of numerous Albanian communities in Italy.
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The sea of ​​Schiavonea

Corigliano Beach, between the towns of Schiavonea and Fabrizio, is undoubtedly a major tourist attraction during the summer months. From the Il Mulino farm, the beach is just a few kilometers away and is connected by a convenient shuttle service.
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